Sunday, 14 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Journey of a Sage' )

Journey of a Sage

A sage,
All he can manage
Even without his mind
With a handful of signs;
He can mediate
He can express,
Without desire to communicate.

An admirer, worth the praise
A Master; of rant and rave
With a million cronies
Fascinated by his power of divine
Celebrating his victory over privation
Borrowing his enchant
Studying his desire,
As he continues to astound the gods.

In he tries his best,
To please the gods
On other’s behest,
With the power of devotion;
Trying to allure the gods
Capturing them……..with his soulful magic.

Infatuating millions,
Attracting them to his cave
Gifted with power to please
Communicating with them…through his embrace.
Sharing his trance
While continuing to dance without fear
Willing to lift the apocalypse.

Always conscious,
Gathering his inspiration
From the holy lake
Chasing somewhat his aspiration
His reason for subsistence  
In making towards,
World the seventh heaven;
His long wished dream.

---Prasoon Sharma---

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