Monday, 8 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Raging War' )

**** Raging War ****  
****                  ****

There is a war going on somewhere in the Middle East
So many dead, still no peace
Life is far from normal, in here.
People are a lot angry,
Crawling slowly, on lifeless bodies
Left to bury, on their farms
They have lost their calm.

This place is full of ferocity,
Sitting here it is tough to image the level of intensity
There are those who are dead because
There exits no generosity, no kindness, no pretty
Nothing to drink, nothing to eat
Those who are still alive are solely because of charity
Only thing in abundance are the dead bodies
It’s in the paper every day, I read.

---Prasoon Sharma---

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