Friday, 12 September 2014

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Soldier' )


Marching forward with chin held high
Facing the sky
Among the recruits
Is a young boy, holding a riffle, instead of a toy
Dressed in an overly baggy uniform, which barely fits
An opportunity, of a lifetime, he couldn't resist to miss.

Marching up the hill,
On a mission, to kill
Without any trouble in head (with loads on his back)
Unaware of threats, waiting ahead
No sign of fear whatsoever on his face
Not even a trace
Innocent boy, with an innocent face.

No reason for concern
Training is all but done
I shall fight with dignity and utmost pride
said the boy

One by one all fell
It came, the boy’s turn to face the hell
The boy stood, without any fear
As if he was destined, to be here.

He fought, with his heart in hand
Bravery; his only shield, innocence; his master plan.
The rest as they say, in God's hand
As shells kept piling, all this time
Way ahead of its time
No truce whatsoever, no chance
                                                                          ……work in process***

---Prasoon Sharma---

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