Friday, 12 September 2014

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Soldier' )


Marching forward with chin held high
Facing the sky
Among the recruits
Is a young boy, holding a riffle, instead of a toy
Dressed in an overly baggy uniform, which barely fits
An opportunity, of a lifetime, he couldn't resist to miss.

Marching up the hill,
On a mission, to kill
Without any trouble in head (with loads on his back)
Unaware of threats, waiting ahead
No sign of fear whatsoever on his face
Not even a trace
Innocent boy, with an innocent face.

No reason for concern
Training is all but done
I shall fight with dignity and utmost pride
said the boy

One by one all fell
It came, the boy’s turn to face the hell
The boy stood, without any fear
As if he was destined, to be here.

He fought, with his heart in hand
Bravery; his only shield, innocence; his master plan.
The rest as they say, in God's hand
As shells kept piling, all this time
Way ahead of its time
No truce whatsoever, no chance
                                                                          ……work in process***

---Prasoon Sharma---

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Just Let Go' )

Just Let Go

We shared the dream you want
Morning to dawn
Sad that it still haunts
A dream, a dream to warn.

Only if I could read,
I realize there was no need
You pierced my heart (through)
punctured my feet;
Only if I could read.

Just let go, just let go
Just let go, just let go.

---Prasoon Sharma---

Monday, 25 August 2014

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Destiny Traveller ' )

***Destiny Traveller***
***                             ***

It is the beauty of nature
Gifts are dispatched by the maker
Across the sky,
Away from the stars
From the times of sand
Is born a saviour,
Half whispered and chant.

Not a saint or a man
But one who is sent
To guard,
The entrance of heaven
Stopping the way of demons
To shield the humans.

A friend,
A sincere attempt
To defend,
From disaster
A fearless man.

A guardian,
A medium
For establishing peace and love
Always alert
Busy in work
A skilled man; 
The destiny man.

Rising from the remains, ashes of those fallen
Courageousness enough to defend,
A combined strength, of thousands of men
A savoir is sent. 

A master of travel
He seen it all, 
Seen more lot, both rise & fall
Yes, the name,
The name
It's his
Who they yell
Over the roofs, on the ladders,
his name;
Destiny traveller.

Pounding sound,
As if he digs, into the ground
Heavily shielded,
The immortal son
Way before even born,
An oath is sworn
An oath to protect..........

                                                     ……work in process***

---Prasoon Sharma---

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Wish You Were Here' )

Wish You Were Here

Wish u here

wish u here, close enough to me
as close as it can be
just you and me.

Follow my footstep

you should start
it leads a way to my heart
really, not that far.

Wish u were here

the first to arrive
the rest shouldn't try
I have faith in you
i shall wait, 
wait until my demise.

The sound of ocean

doesn't silent my cry
I wish u hear it
they say i may collapse
I have waited too long 
long enough to make even ocean's cry.

I cant take anymore

soon they be closing all doors
I hope u make by then
I am hearing they have decided to send
to release me from agony and pain
they say you never came.

---Prasoon Sharma---

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'The Power to Dream' )

The Power to Dream

I want you to imagine yourself
In your ideal world
Encircled with your dreams
And try to capture……may be all of it.
And as you may find it hard
Trying to freeze this hour
And……… each one goes by
It brings a certain joy.

May be I tried just too hard
Too hard, like all the time
For  you to understand
May be………. I tried,
Only this time………….you cried.

And as you hide your emotions
It brings me joy
As I see hope
To buy back some love
From the gods
Who gifted me..... this very hope.

---Prasoon Sharma---

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Hallucination' )


A mind, with its own imagination
Astounding, in a state of mirage
Presiding over a superlative position,
Trying to free…. its fascination
Hunting, the ideal lucrative motion.
Attracted, bending towards that colorful sound
Moving up & down,
Intruding the world of fashion & fusion
Tripping…….. as it continues to dream
Welcome…… to the world of hallucination.

With souls flying around,
Tripping up and down
Drowning in the heat
In comes the……. beat.
Legs losing to fly,
Towards the sky
Hands starting to swing,
In the direction…… of wind.

Wake up……….. Rise,
Look up at the sky
Get a hold……. of your high,
Fasten your thoughts
Shape your vision,
Control your wild……. imagination.
Balance……blend with the sound,
Mix well with the synthesis,
You have just found.

Your mind has seized
It’s been compromised
And while you gain your motion
And try to revert back
I want you to re assess
And tell me……… how you feel?
Exactly………Paradise unveiled.

                                                                                                 ……work in process***

---Prasoon Sharma---

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Journey of a Sage' )

Journey of a Sage

A sage,
All he can manage
Even without his mind
With a handful of signs;
He can mediate
He can express,
Without desire to communicate.

An admirer, worth the praise
A Master; of rant and rave
With a million cronies
Fascinated by his power of divine
Celebrating his victory over privation
Borrowing his enchant
Studying his desire,
As he continues to astound the gods.

In he tries his best,
To please the gods
On other’s behest,
With the power of devotion;
Trying to allure the gods
Capturing them……..with his soulful magic.

Infatuating millions,
Attracting them to his cave
Gifted with power to please
Communicating with them…through his embrace.
Sharing his trance
While continuing to dance without fear
Willing to lift the apocalypse.

Always conscious,
Gathering his inspiration
From the holy lake
Chasing somewhat his aspiration
His reason for subsistence  
In making towards,
World the seventh heaven;
His long wished dream.

---Prasoon Sharma---

Friday, 12 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Sacred India' )

Sacred India

A nation where a billion hearts beat
Where millions, implant the seed
Of love, harmony & peace
Deep down, in the roots of earth
With their bare hands indeed
In somewhere, down deep
May be in a place;
A place, where the Gods decide to meet.

A nation so free
Obese to charity
Subsisting in diversity,
God to tranquillity
Blessed with parity;
Mother to needy
Cure to opacity,
With a touch, of simplicity
The wishful guardian of purity.

A nation flourishing,
Under the shadow of god
Pleasing farmers, to adopt
Flooding them with crops
Much more than; what they sought.

A nation devoted to god,
In itself, the shape of cross
More pleasing, than even dreams
Pressing towards the invincible, the unseen.
Translucent in taste,
Blooming in its own identity
Like a lotus,
Without any twin.
Roofing, all cultures with affection
A land where holy men still persist
In belief,
In pursue of god & creed
Constantly, perpetually in peace  
A nation, dwelling in love and prosperity.

 ---Prasoon Sharma---

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Drifting Love' )

Drifting Love  

I look into eyes,
Believing to see the sky
Hoping, I could fly into the stars
And win your heart.

U seem more beautiful
Rather high from the sky
Surprisingly, even after,
I close my eyes.

Maybe I used to lie
You still make me feel shy
I did hide my feelings
I wasn't too sure, if at all you were willing
But I can’t get, those feelings back
Even if there was this one chance I had.

---Prasoon Sharma---

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'An Autumn Night' )

An Autumn Night

Was a dark autumn night
A pity sight,
Suddenly someone appears;
A girl dressed in white
Staring into my eyes
Pale skin, blue eyes, with decent height
An unforgettable night.

Striking with a flower,
Flowing in her curled hair
She looked like a girl with flair
Her eyes looked like pearls
A perfect girl, in ideal world.

Without any element of surprise
She disappears; weird
As I had feared
I was right,
In comes the sunlight.

---Prasoon Sharma---

Monday, 8 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Raging War' )

**** Raging War ****  
****                  ****

There is a war going on somewhere in the Middle East
So many dead, still no peace
Life is far from normal, in here.
People are a lot angry,
Crawling slowly, on lifeless bodies
Left to bury, on their farms
They have lost their calm.

This place is full of ferocity,
Sitting here it is tough to image the level of intensity
There are those who are dead because
There exits no generosity, no kindness, no pretty
Nothing to drink, nothing to eat
Those who are still alive are solely because of charity
Only thing in abundance are the dead bodies
It’s in the paper every day, I read.

---Prasoon Sharma---

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Unseeingly Lost' )

Unseeingly Lost

This world is so big
It’s so vast
Fabricated with design,
To outclass; irreversible contrast
Without intrusion
Designed with perfection
In itself,
Cluster of confusion.

A glimpse of paradise,
From the outside
Somewhat different, from the inside
To which it reflects
The scribbled & mocking signs, at each step
On the streets,
Pausing steps, cross-legged.

As if it were like a puzzle, a maze
No detours, no quick ways
No such help from the north or the west
Any possibility
Oh!  It seems rare
I am destined to be lost in here.

---Prasoon Sharma---