Thursday, 24 July 2014

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Wish You Were Here' )

Wish You Were Here

Wish u here

wish u here, close enough to me
as close as it can be
just you and me.

Follow my footstep

you should start
it leads a way to my heart
really, not that far.

Wish u were here

the first to arrive
the rest shouldn't try
I have faith in you
i shall wait, 
wait until my demise.

The sound of ocean

doesn't silent my cry
I wish u hear it
they say i may collapse
I have waited too long 
long enough to make even ocean's cry.

I cant take anymore

soon they be closing all doors
I hope u make by then
I am hearing they have decided to send
to release me from agony and pain
they say you never came.

---Prasoon Sharma---

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