Friday, 12 April 2013

Poems 4m Paradise ( Title :- 'Sacred India' )

Sacred India

A nation where a billion hearts beat
Where millions, implant the seed
Of love, harmony & peace
Deep down, in the roots of earth
With their bare hands indeed
In somewhere, down deep
May be in a place;
A place, where the Gods decide to meet.

A nation so free
Obese to charity
Subsisting in diversity,
God to tranquillity
Blessed with parity;
Mother to needy
Cure to opacity,
With a touch, of simplicity
The wishful guardian of purity.

A nation flourishing,
Under the shadow of god
Pleasing farmers, to adopt
Flooding them with crops
Much more than; what they sought.

A nation devoted to god,
In itself, the shape of cross
More pleasing, than even dreams
Pressing towards the invincible, the unseen.
Translucent in taste,
Blooming in its own identity
Like a lotus,
Without any twin.
Roofing, all cultures with affection
A land where holy men still persist
In belief,
In pursue of god & creed
Constantly, perpetually in peace  
A nation, dwelling in love and prosperity.

 ---Prasoon Sharma---